Biogen Night Trail Run Series powered by Maxxis Tyres 2018


…Your senses become heightened, you’re on a trail in the dark, your world becomes as big as the beam from your headlight, you begin to notice things that you might miss in the daylight, things like the sound of the wind in the trees, your own breathing, and at times, complete silence.
This is night trail running and this is the Biogen Night Trail Running Series


Why the night?


Trail running at night is a rush that’s sure to break you out of your normal workout routine. Even if you’ve been on a certain trail a hundred times before, it looks and feels different in the dark.
Dark adventures are the most fun with a posse of friends. The benefit of camaraderie is unmistakable, it is an amazing thing to be running in the dark and laughing hysterically at jokes and stories that any other time wouldn’t be remotely funny. This all adds up to make your run a lot more exciting than a route on a well-lit street or during the day.
There’s the hint of danger that darkness in the wilderness of central Bryanston seems to bring, and the pleasing sense of bravery as you face it head-on.
You can’t get that from a treadmill.


PWC Cyclepark Bryanston


The series takes place at the PWC Cyclepark in Bryanston, one of the most popular mountain biking venues in Gauteng, but as the sun goes down it becomes a trail running Mecca.
The route consists of mostly wide single-track paths that will take runners on a winding journey through the park. The course is relatively flat, however loads of manmade ups and downs provide a leg-burning route that will test even the toughest trail runners. The two routes split after 3,6km at the Biogen sponosred water point and the longer distance runners head through the tunnel to tackle the challenging trails on the other side of the N1 highway.
Headlights are a must for the route, as although the course is smooth there are plenty of drop offs and tight runs to challenge competitors.

With a venue capacity of 700 people, ilumin8 has been producing sell out themed events for the past 4 years. With the support of fantastic sponsors such as Biogen, Runtastic and Trappers, entrants are treated to a value for money, entertaining experience while adding to their fitness and personal goals, lots of our runners are achieving personal bests with each event, “I think the events provide a great environment for a competitive yet fun experience, which keeps participants coming back for more. Every event my phone rings off the hook with people looking to get into the events, however we would rather have happy 700 participants than 1000 unhappy ones, that’s why we limit the events.” says Richard Beswick, the owner of ilumin8.


The 2017 series can be entered once off at a discounted rate. You are entered automatically for each event in the series, and will only need to select your distance and batch for each event on the night at registration. The first 80 entrants will receive a race pack valued at R350 from our series sponsors.


The series dates are as follows

8th February 2018- Love Run

12th April 2018 – Lumo Run

10 May 2018- BrrrRun

20th September 2018- Retro Run

25th October 2018-Halloween Run




Biogen Valentines Run

Biogen Lumo Run

Biogen BrrRun

Biogen Retro Run

Biogen Halloween Run